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Curt Seifart was the 2013 Humanitarian Award winner by Housing Opportunity Foundation by Charlotte Regional Realtors Association


Curt spent the better part of 2013 working on a neighborhood revitalization project, refreshing part of Grier Heights and rebuilding it into the community Elizabeth Heights, after neighborhood leaders invited CrossRoads Corporation in for some help. Phase one of this project is now sold out – with the homes being purchased by those that go through a rigorous qualification process (all the details are here, on the Elizabeth Heights website). The eventual homeowners get to move into an incredibly affordable (monthly mortgage payments starting around $750), incredibly energy efficient (built green, with a monthly heating/cooling bill of around $50), bright new home that they otherwise would not have been able to afford. The project breathes new life into the neighborhood and empowers the homeowners to be proud of the house they’ve bought and live in, and proud of their neighborhood. Work will soon begin on Phase 2 of the project.

Curt partnered with CrossRoads Corporation to market this project and sell these homes for no personal commission. According to Don Gately, Executive Director of CrossRoads Corp, Curt has probably already foregone around $33,000 in personal commission. Yet he has marketed the project “like a million dollar listing.” But that’s just how Curt is. Curt has worked with Habitat for Humanity for over 10 years, including in El Salvador. He works with a charity called Trips for Kids, which is a non-profit organization that provides mentoring through bicycling experiences.  He’s an active member at Myers Park Presbyterian. He’s currently participating in a committee at Helen Adams to develop ideas for how the company, and the agents, can give back more to the community in 2014. And, he’s the kind of guy that brings muffins to the Helen Adams staff on a weekday, just because. He’s always thinking of new and creative ways to promote his listings or projects, whether they are selling for $100,000 or $1,000,000.

Helen Adams is very proud to call Curt our own. He’s a pleasure to have around the office, and a great agent. We are so incredibly proud that the Charlotte Regional Realtor’s Association chose Curt, from a pool of 14 candidates, to receive this award. We don’t think there was anyone more deserving (although we might be prejudiced). We look forward to the opportunities that he will bring the community, our company, and his clients in the years to come. Congratulations Curt on being recognized for all you do!


Myers Park Presbyterian Church's Journey - Everyone Member Has A Ministry

Look up the characteristics of a good neighbor and you will find words like obliging, affable and hospitable. Curt Seifart is all three and more, but he would react to such a description with seeming disbelief. To Curt, these qualities come naturally and he does not like the thought of being singled out.

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Elizabeth Heights Press Release

GRIER HEIGHTS – Elizabeth Heights, the affordable new neighborhood within this historically black neighborhood 
that is trying to free itself of a bad rep, is off to a ripsaw-roaring start toward its 36-house urban revitalization goal.
Four of the first eight homes in the new development, a joint venture of two nonprofits and Charlotte-based builder 
JCB Urban, have closed, another is under contract, and more potential buyers are in the approval-process pipeline for 
the final three.
And in the next few weeks, a national foundation will announce a major cash donation to the ongoing project.
“They literally built these homes on faith,” said Helen Adams Realtor Curt Seifart, who is acting as seller’s agent on faith himself, and without commission... Click here to continue reading the rest of this article and more on Elizabeth Heights. 


Volunteer                                                                                 In El Salvador in 2007, Habitat Volunteer


Donation Resource Guide

When it comes time to move, often you look around and realize that there is a lot of extra stuff in your house. It's easier to clean it up and out before you start packing those boxes. Sometimes it can be tempting to drag it all out to the curb for the city to collect. However, there are many places out there that will accept items to reuse and recycle.


It can sometimes be hard to sort through all the different available sources, so we've done that for you. Below, divided into household categories, you will find resources for recycling your items - where to donate, what items are taken, along with locations, phone numbers, and websites.


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